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This website has been created to highlight the incompetence of Transport for London’s Surface Transport management team and, with help from our contributors, campaign to get London moving again and make it a safer place in which to travel.

Please take a moment to find out how we plan to do this then and meet the our team here at TfL PR.

This post, which will be shared with the GLA Assembly members and all London MP’s, highlights an example of TfL’s hapless management of our road network and marks the start of our first campaign.

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Anyone who drives in London knows that Knightsbridge, part of the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN ), is the main route into London from the west and therefore one of the busiest roads in the city. South Carriage Drive runs just to the north of and parallel to Knightsbridge and provides an alternative route, avoiding congestion on Hyde Park Corner, Knightsbridge and Brompton Road.

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Regardless of this fact, TfL have chosen to carry out maintenance works and reduce traffic lanes on Knightsbridge at the same time as closing the westbound route on South Carriage Drive for Cycle Super Highway works.


This has happened despite TfL’s own website stating that they are responsible for the daily maintenance and smooth running of these routes, their road management operation is based on extensive research, modelling and the most up to date computer technology and their road modernisation plan as something that enables people and vehicles to move more efficiently, safely and reliably around London.

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Photographs of the results of this diligent research, accurate modelling, along with vehicles navigating the area efficiently and reliably, can be viewed from the Campaigns> Knightsbridge June 2016>Gallery option of our Main Menu.

click to enlarge also question whether the project is being completed as quickly as it could, given the disruption it is causing. This image of the ongoing ‘works’ in South Carriage Drive, taken at 4pm on a summer weekday afternoon, suggests not.

We have lodged a Freedom of Information request with TfL to get copies of their planning and impact assessment for these closures. This can be viewed from the Campaigns>Knightsbridge June 2016>FOI request option of our Main Menu. The FOI response and any relevant Correspondence can be viewed from the same Campaign menu option.

If you are a GLA Assembly member or an MP from a London borough please take a moment to consider the damage that increased journey times, congestion and associated air pollution are doing to our city.

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